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Selling online CNC Projects

Selling online CNC Projects

They say you can buy anything on the Internet and luckily that means you can sell anything too(selling online). Some types of items can be tricky and difficult to sell but these days there are many websites devoted to letting you sell items that have been made by hand.

The most popular website for handmade items is probably Etsy.com. Etsy is an e-commerce website that functions like Amazon, Walmart or any other website where you can purchase items. What sets Etsy apart from many other competitors is that they specialize in handmade and vintage items (vintage items must be at least 20 years old to be sold on the website), allowing anyone who makes the items they sell to have an online market to work with. Effectively the website is an online crafts fair where buyers can find art, clothing, jewelry and other knick-knacks you would expect to find among homemade products. To use Etsy all you need to do is make an account on their website and you can begin selling. Etsy does charge a 20¢ fee to list each item and they take a 3.5% cut of however much each item sells for, similar to how items are sold on Ebay.

Bonanza.com is a growing competitor of Etsy that offers many of the same services. Selling through Bonanza(selling online) is a bit cheaper than Etsy; they allow sellers to list items for free and keep 3% of what your items sell for. Many users have reviewed Bonanza stating that it is better than Etsy while also citing that it is superior to Ebay and Amazon as well. Bonanza even gives starting sellers the option to import listings from their Etsy, Ebay or Amazon accounts onto Bonanza. The website also gives customers the option to sell just about any item that is not handcrafted as opposed to the vintage-only rule on Etsy. Bonanza may be young compared to many of their competitors but they are certainly one of the best websites for selling any product, homemade items included.

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While Etsy and Bonanza are both good for selling most of the projects you can expect to come off of a CNC machine a lot of their competitor websites are a bit more specialized. Aftcra focuses on selling items that were made by Americans and began as an art website, though they now allow users to sell items from a wider range of categories. Sellers who are located in Europe can make use of DaWanda, a German based company that functions similar to Etsy. DaWanda does offer global shipping so buyers and sellers are not restricted to the European area. Yokaboo is a UK based company that offers membership levels for sellers instead of charging fees to each individual item. The first level is free so interested sellers can test the website out before committing to any sort of paid membership. Yokaboo also functions differently from many other websites for handmade selling. Instead of having a general website where all items can be searched, like Etsy and Bonanza, Yokaboo allows users to set up and design their own websites through Yokaboo’s services. This gives users a little more independence than other online selling options. The website Big Cartel functions similarly to Yokaboo but it is US based for users on the other side of the Atlantic.

There are dozens of popular websites that focus on selling handmade products in all corners of the world. If none of the more these well-known choices seem right for you there are thousands of websites overall that you can choose from. Finding the website that is right for you and will allow you to maximize your profits and create your business exactly the way you want it will take a bit of doing but the work will be very much worth it once you get your feet off the ground.


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