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CNC Calligraphy in wood

CNC Calligraphy

CNC Calligraphy in wood Handwritten words are considered by most to be beautiful when done correctly and some people would go as far as to consider calligraphy to be an art form. As society has become more and more reliant on machines(CNC Calligraphy) the use of handwritten text has become … Continue reading

cnc Vinyl cutters and making T-shirt with

cnc vynil cutters

cnc Vinyl cutters and making T-shirt with making T-shirt with cnc Vinyl cutters If you are familiar with cutting vinyl with your CNC machine(cnc Vinyl cutters) it will be much easier than you may think to start making your own custom t-shirts at home. While your CNC machine will be … Continue reading

Water jet cutters cnc Are worth it?

water jet cutters

Water jet cutters cnc Are worth it? Water jet cutters (usually just called water jets) cut materials using a thin, high-pressure stream of water. Sometimes pure water is used while other times sand or another abrasive substance is mixed in with the water. Pure water works better with soft materials … Continue reading

3D Sculptures Creating with cnc machine

3d sculptures

3D Sculptures Creating with cnc machine CNC 3D Sculptures Any room needs a certain something in order to pull the room together. It could be a rug or a certain piece of furniture, but oftentimes all you need is the right decoration. A bit of artwork can make a huge … Continue reading

handmade and CNC automation projects Combined


handmade and CNC machines automation projects Combined Combining CNC Automation and Handmade Projects             Many CNC router hobbyists like to use only the automation provided by a machine when working on a project. Plug in your code, get your machine and materials set up and have the latest project up … Continue reading